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All You Need is a Dog or Cat this Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is the purrfect time to share hugs, kisses, and cuddles with the one you love most – your pet!

Here are just a few reasons why our kitty cats and pups make the best valentines ever.

Your pet already has your heart. And they know it! From the moment you met, they stole your heart… and haven’t given it back.

Your furry loved one is always ready to cuddle. Day or night, pets always love a few minutes of cozying up to their favorite person.

Your pet loves quality time. Pets are more than willing to devote hours (maybe minutes for some finicky felines) to their human companion.

Your four-legged friend is the best listener. Pets are willing to listen to our stories, jokes, hopes, and worries with zero judgment or talking back.

Your pet is always there when you need them. Have a bad day at work? Not feeling the best? That doesn’t matter to pets. We can always count on them to be there.

And because pets are such a wonderful valentine, help keep them safe this holiday by following these Valentine’s safety tips courtesy of PetMD.

Safety Tip: Keep the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate far away from your dog – and the wine bottles and glasses away from your cat!

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