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Veterinary Diagnostics in Union & Westfield, NJ

Up Close & Personal with Your Pet’s Health 

Westfield Veterinary Group is pleased to offer diagnostic services for pets in Union and Westfield, NJ. We offer diagnostic testing and imaging in-house, which means faster results and better response times. With these tools at our disposal, we will be able to put together a clearer picture of your pet’s health than can be constructed with a simple visual or physical exam. When your pet is not feeling their best, fast and effective diagnostic care can make a huge difference in their health outcomes. At Westfield Veterinary Group, our team of expert veterinarians can help you keep a close eye on your pet’s health. 

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Types of Diagnostic Tools We Use

There are two main types of diagnostic imaging that we offer at Westfield Veterinary Group: radiology and ultrasonography. 

Both radiology and ultrasonography can take picture of your pet’s internal systems, such as: 

  • Internal organs
  • Veins and arteries
  • Bones
  • Muscles

Radiology, commonly known as the X-ray, allows us to see your pet’s bones and dense tissues by using a small dose of radiation to take still pictures. This is a great method for diagnosing broken bones and growths inside of your pet. However, because of the use of radiation, it is not safe for pregnant pets or other delicate tissues. Instead, we recommend ultrasound, which uses high frequency soundwaves instead of radiation to take real time images of your pet’s internal organs and other soft tissues. 

With all diagnostic imaging, it is non-invasive and pain-free. Either radiology or ultrasonography are great tools for our veterinarians to get a closer look at your pet’s health. 

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What Your Neighbors Say About Us...

    “Their care of him and us was kind and compassionate. When we adopted our beloved hound dog about a year later, we chose WVG for her medical care and we have been thrilled with that decision.”

    Rev. Paula T.

    “The veterinarians are very knowledgeable and explain things with great detail and are caring. The staff is awesome as well.”

    Susan V.

    “Dr. Hubbard was AMAZING! She went over diagnostic options and answered all our questions. She helped me really understand what was going on with my baby and what the best course of action was for our baby. She was genuinely a very caring doctor and person.”

    Vicky H.

    “During COVID one of my dogs who is a senior dog got really sick diagnosis unknown however the doctor who treated her figured out the possible issue and 3 years later healthy as ever.”

    Xiomara S.

    “Great doctors all around. In particular, they are great about communicating with each other - so I can see any of the great doctors and they know what has been going on (which makes scheduling appointments a breeze as they're all good choices!)”

    Melissa B.

Understanding Veterinary Diagnostics

When your pet is feeling under the weather or has been injured, it can be difficult to pinpoint what exactly is ailing them. Unfortunately, this is complicated by the fact that they simply can’t tell us what is wrong! Instead, our veterinary team uses a suite of tools to get a closer look at your pet’s health so that we can more easily figure out what is wrong and how we need to treat it. 

Our first line of defense is diagnostic laboratory testing. We can run tests such as bloodwork and complete blood count, fecal testing, and urinalysis. By testing your pet’s bodily fluids, we can get a sense of your pet’s internal health. We can gather data about how well certain systems are functioning, such as your pet’s kidneys and bladder. We are also able to analyze your pet’s hormones and other chemical levels, which can help us identify early signs of certain diseases. We typically test your pet’s blood, feces, or urine during their annual wellness exam to help us complete the picture of your pet’s health. 

In addition to laboratory testing, we can provide diagnostic imaging. These tests allow us to see beyond your pet’s fur at their internal systems. This is particularly useful for pets who come to us injured, if they have ingested something they should not have, or are struggling with other internal problems. 

What Makes union Different?

Union offers urgent & critical care, onsite diagnostic, hospitalized care (including ICU & Isolation), specialty referral consultations, exotic appointments, wellness and preventive services, surgery, dentistry, and goodbye services. The clinic has caring veterinarians that will provide the best possible care to every pet.

What makes Westfield Different?

Westfield offers wellness + preventive services, diagnostics, surgery, dentistry, rehabilitation, and goodbye services. 99% of the time we will fit you in the same day. The clinic has a large + diverse amount of services and caring veterinarians that will provide the best possible care to every pet. 

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