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Wellness & Preventative Care

Pet Wellness Care in Union & Westfield, NJ

Providing Preventative Treatments to Dogs, Cats & Exotic Pets

At Westfield Veterinary Group, we aim to give you as many good years as possible with your pet through consistent wellness care. When you bring your pet in for regular veterinary visits, we’re able to assess their ever-changing health, monitor any developing conditions, and make adjustments to their preventive care as needed. Our pet wellness care visits are tailored to your pet’s age, breed, and lifestyle so that no exam looks the same.

Your dog or cat has different health care requirements at each stage of life. That’s why Westfield Veterinary Group has developed preventive wellness programs tailored for puppies and kittens, adult pets, and senior pets.

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Tailoring Care to Your Pet’s Life-Stage

Puppy and Kitten Exams

Like infants, puppies and kittens require a series of monthly health exams and lab work during their first 6 months of life. Our comprehensive pediatric visits include a physical exam to ensure proper development, parasitic disease screening and treatment, and vaccinations. If appropriate, we’ll begin year-round preventive medication for fleas, ticks, and heartworm parasites. At 6 months of age, we recommend spaying or neutering as well as microchipping your pet.

Adult Pet Exams (Age 1-6)

For adult dogs and cats, we recommend a yearly wellness visit consisting of a comprehensive physical exam, dental health evaluation, vaccinations, intestinal parasite evaluation, and screening for exposure to common tick diseases, heartworm disease, intestinal parasites, and others.

Senior Care (Pets Age 7 and Older)

Older pets can develop illnesses such as kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, and arthritis. The key to managing these conditions effectively is early detection and treatment. Because animals have a unique ability to hide disease and pain, we recommend that you bring in your senior pet for a physical exam at least twice a year. We also perform blood and urine tests to catch diseases in their earliest stages, allowing your pet to enjoy the longest and healthiest life possible.

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What Your Neighbors Say About Us...

    “Their care of him and us was kind and compassionate. When we adopted our beloved hound dog about a year later, we chose WVG for her medical care and we have been thrilled with that decision.”

    Rev. Paula T.

    “The veterinarians are very knowledgeable and explain things with great detail and are caring. The staff is awesome as well.”

    Susan V.

    “Dr. Hubbard was AMAZING! She went over diagnostic options and answered all our questions. She helped me really understand what was going on with my baby and what the best course of action was for our baby. She was genuinely a very caring doctor and person.”

    Vicky H.

    “During COVID one of my dogs who is a senior dog got really sick diagnosis unknown however the doctor who treated her figured out the possible issue and 3 years later healthy as ever.”

    Xiomara S.

    “Great doctors all around. In particular, they are great about communicating with each other - so I can see any of the great doctors and they know what has been going on (which makes scheduling appointments a breeze as they're all good choices!)”

    Melissa B.

What to Expect at a Pet Wellness Visit

The key to effective pet wellness care is annual or semiannual veterinary visits. At our animal hospitals in Westfield and Union, we perform comprehensive wellness exams to catch any developing conditions before they get worse. 

Depending on your pet’s specific needs, their wellness visit may include any or all the following:

  • Nose-to-tail physical exam
  • Weight check and body condition score
  • Vaccinations, if due for boosters
  • Fecal exam (to check for intestinal parasites)
  • Parasite prevention prescription
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Age-appropriate blood work
  • Urinalysis
  • Other diagnostics as needed
What Makes union Different?

Union offers 24-hours emergency and critical care (Thursday - Sunday), onsite diagnostic, hospitalized care (including ICU & Isolation), specialty referral consultations, exotic appointments, wellness and preventive services, surgery, dentistry, and goodbye services. The clinic has caring veterinarians that will provide the best possible care to every pet.

What makes Westfield Different?

Westfield offers wellness + preventive services, diagnostics, surgery, dentistry, rehabilitation, and goodbye services. 99% of the time we will fit you in the same day. The clinic has a large + diverse amount of services and caring veterinarians that will provide the best possible care to every pet. 

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