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Westfield LOVES Our Patients

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It’s safe to say that people love their pets – and at Westfield Veterinary Group, we love all pets and their families for several reasons:

  1. Every patient is unique and special in their own way.
  2. Our senior patients have years of wisdom, patience, and love behind them. They look at us with trust, like they know we are here to help them.
  3. Our puppy and kitten patients are young and rambunctious. They remind us to take a moment to have a little fun, and many of these moments involve playing and cuddling with our furry friends.
  4. Happy, loving pet parents are the absolute best thing in the world. Our team knows the human-animal bond is wonderful, so seeing the love between clients and pets on a day-to-day basis warms our hearts.

Thank you to all our patients and their families. You bring more love and joy into our practice than you will ever know. And that is the best valentine’s gift ever!

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