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Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding Services in Union & Westfield, NJ

Your Pet’s Home Away from Home 

If you are planning a vacation or a work trip, you may be wondering what you should do about your pet. While some pets are great travel companions, others may not be up to the task. When you need to leave your pet behind, trust the expert veterinary staff at Westfield Veterinary Group! We offer top quality pet boarding services in Union and Westfield, NJ. We have all the accommodations to keep your pet safe and comfortable while you are away. And because we are a fully equipped veterinary hospital, we are also able to quickly intervene should your pet have any health issues during their stay. Do not sweat the logistics – choose Westfield Veterinary Group for your pet boarding needs! 

Do you have an upcoming trip? Get started with our team today by calling (844) 937-4424 to learn more about our pet boarding services in Union and Westfield, NJ.

Enjoy the Peace of Mind of Having Your Pet Stay at Your Veterinary Office While You’re Away

Because Westfield Veterinary Group is a full-service animal hospital, pets with special needs, such as pets with diabetes or other medical conditions, are welcome to board with us. Our team of expert veterinarians will ensure that your pet receives all the care and attention they need, medical or otherwise. 

To speak with our veterinary team about the requirements for boarding at Westfield Veterinary Group, please call (844) 937-4424 or contact us online today.

What Your Neighbors Say About Us...

    “Their care of him and us was kind and compassionate. When we adopted our beloved hound dog about a year later, we chose WVG for her medical care and we have been thrilled with that decision.”

    Rev. Paula T.

    “The veterinarians are very knowledgeable and explain things with great detail and are caring. The staff is awesome as well.”

    Susan V.

    “Dr. Hubbard was AMAZING! She went over diagnostic options and answered all our questions. She helped me really understand what was going on with my baby and what the best course of action was for our baby. She was genuinely a very caring doctor and person.”

    Vicky H.

    “During COVID one of my dogs who is a senior dog got really sick diagnosis unknown however the doctor who treated her figured out the possible issue and 3 years later healthy as ever.”

    Xiomara S.

    “Great doctors all around. In particular, they are great about communicating with each other - so I can see any of the great doctors and they know what has been going on (which makes scheduling appointments a breeze as they're all good choices!)”

    Melissa B.

Pet Boarding for Dogs & Cats

We are pleased to offer boarding accommodations for both cats and dogs inside of our full-service animal hospital. Cats and dogs are boarded separately to ensure that their stay is as stress-free as possible. 

What you should pack for your pet when they board with Westfield Veterinary Group: 

  • Your pet’s favorite food (but please also make us aware of any allergies!).
  • Any medications your pet is currently taking. 
  • Your pet’s favorite blanket or toy.

For your pet to board with us, they have to be in good health and up to date on their vaccines and tests. Dogs should have had a heartworm test within the last 12 months, in addition to having updated rabies, distemper, and Bordetella vaccinations. For cats, we require that they are FIV negative and have recently received their rabies and feline distemper vaccines. We also require that pets are up to date on their parasite preventative medications. 

During your pet’s stay, they will enjoy high quality, personalized care. Dogs are walked regularly and may play in groups depending on your pet’s size and temperament. Cats are given individual attention and play time, if they are comfortable, and have their litter boxes regularly cleaned. Our boarding area is climate controlled with individual spaces for each pet. While we do provide food and bedding, your pet may feel more comfortable with their favorites from home. 

What Makes union Different?

Union offers 24-hours emergency and critical care (Thursday - Sunday), onsite diagnostic, hospitalized care (including ICU & Isolation), specialty referral consultations, exotic appointments, wellness and preventive services, surgery, dentistry, and goodbye services. The clinic has caring veterinarians that will provide the best possible care to every pet.

What makes Westfield Different?

Westfield offers wellness + preventive services, diagnostics, surgery, dentistry, rehabilitation, and goodbye services. 99% of the time we will fit you in the same day. The clinic has a large + diverse amount of services and caring veterinarians that will provide the best possible care to every pet. 

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