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Ben Davis

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Benjamin W. Davis, DVM is thrilled to be returning to Westfield Veterinary Group Union as an emergency and urgent care veterinarian. A graduate of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Davis began his career at WVG Westfield as an emergency and general practice veterinarian and often reflects on the fantastic foundation he established between Cornell and WVG. He spent the last several years in his home state of Idaho where he practiced as an ICU and ER vet at the regional multi-specialty and referral center, as well as an instructor of surgery and shelter medicine at the local humane society. He has a passion for providing compassionate and comprehensive care to his patients and clients by focusing on communication and collaboration as the path towards ideal outcomes. He loves challenging medical and surgical cases and derives great pleasure from working with the entire team to help those in need. He also LOVES cats— especially old crunchy ones. Also, cute fluffy ones. And grumpy ones. Really, he loves all cats, including yours. When not on the clinic floor, Dr. Davis enjoys the pleasures of an international lifestyle with his family. They live and work between New Jersey, the Pacific Northwest, and his wife’s native country of Switzerland. He and his family cherish the opportunity to benefit from all of the outdoor sports, beautiful scenery, and good food, drink, and company that their wide world has to offer.