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Service Highlight: Pain Management at Westfield Veterinary Group

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One of the hardest things for pet parents to handle is seeing your pet in pain. That’s why the veterinary team at Westfield Veterinary Group takes extra care to ensure that the furry family members we treat are as pain-free as possible.

For pets who need surgery, pain management is an integral part of our pre- and post-operative protocol. Pain medication not only keeps your pet comfortable before, during, and after surgery, but it also helps ensure a faster recovery. Our veterinarians are experts in pain management and use the safest and most effective medications available.

Before any procedure, we perform age-appropriate pre-anesthetic blood testing to make sure your pet’s organs are functioning properly and can effectively process and eliminate anesthesia. During surgery, we use the latest anesthetic techniques, as well as sophisticated equipment that continuously monitors your pet’s heart rate, body temperature, and oxygen levels throughout the procedure and recovery.

Whether your pet is undergoing a surgical procedure, dealing with pain from a chronic condition like osteoarthritis, or just not feeling right, our Westfield and Union teams are here to help. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an exam for your pet, call us at (844) 937-4424.

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