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How to Help Pets With Noise Phobias

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For pet parents, many of the sounds of summer conjure up happy memories. But for dogs and cats, the distant rumble of thunder or the boom of holiday fireworks can be positively petrifying. Some pets will hide or tremble, while others become so frantic that they may hurt themselves. There’s often no way to stop these frightening noises from reaching your pet’s ears, so how can you help them remain calm?

Talk to your primary care veterinarian about the best way to help soothe your pet’s fears. In some cases, calming pheromone sprays or collars or specially made garments that “hug” your pet can help take the edge off enough for your pet to remain calm.

Some pets with noise phobias do better if they’re confined. If it’s possible – pop-up thunderstorms aside – get your pet comfortable before the scary sounds start. Put them in the quietest room of your home, preferably an interior one with few or no windows. Set up a cozy bed or familiar crate. Turn on a loud fan, white noise, or music to help disguise the noise once it starts. If your dog or cat is in their crate or carrier, drape a blanket over it – while allowing for proper ventilation – to help dampen the sound even further.

If this isn’t enough to lower your pet’s stress level, your veterinarian may recommend prescription medication. It’s important to discuss the options and use of such drugs, as most need time to take effect before your dog or cat starts having a fearful response to noise. So if your town is known for fireworks displays or there’s a string of thunderstorms in the forecast, you can be prepared.

If your pet suffers from noise aversion or phobia, call us today at (844) 937-4424 to schedule an appointment at either our Westfield or Union location. We can help your furry family member weather summertime storms and celebrations as calmly as possible.

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