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True or False: A Dry Nose Means My Dog Is Sick

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History has told us that a dog’s nose should be wet at all times. And, because we never want to second guess our choices when it comes to our pets, we often ask ourselves, “Does my dog’s dry nose mean they are sick?”

Most often the answer is no. The temperature of your dog’s nose will fluctuate throughout the day based on the activity and location of your pup. In fact, some dog breeds are known for having dryer noses than others.

Dogs’ noses are moist to help enhance their sense of smell and to regulate their body temperature. So, depending on how hot your dog’s body is at the moment, may determine how wet their nose is until they cool down.

Common Reasons Dogs have Dry Noses

Many dogs like to nap in the sun or by a window, heating up their internal body temperature. When they wake from their nap, their nose may be dry simply due to heat.

A dry nose may also be a sign of dehydration. Try giving your dog more water if you notice you aren’t getting wet nose kisses.

Although dry noses are common, when coupled with other signs and symptoms, you may want to seek veterinary care at WVG. These symptoms include:

  • Red and flaky skin: Just as you can get burnt by the sun, your dog can also get too much sun exposure on sensitive body parts like their nose. Sunburns will cause skin to be extra sensitive and may require special lotions to help with healing.
  • Scabs and sores: Just as in humans, there are a number of skin disorders and diseases that cause hard, crusty, and cracked skin.
  • Dry gums, sunken eyes, and weak energy: Although a dry nose is a common symptom of dehydration, these additional symptoms may be present if your dog is severely dehydrated and requires additional medical assistance.
  • Colored mucus: When using your dog’s nose as an indicator for health, please make sure their nose drips are clear like water droplets. If you notice thick or bubbly yellow, green, or black mucus, please contact us immediately.

It is never recommended to focus only on one health symptom when your furry friend appears ill. Many times, if your dog is in need of veterinary help, there will be multiple symptoms present. It is very important to monitor a variety of health indicators such as appetite, water intake, sleep pattern, energy, and behaving differently around the home.

If Your Dog Becomes Sick, Westfield Veterinary Group is Here to Help

Now that you know more about your dog’s snout, if they are showing symptoms beyond just a dry nose, contact our emergency care team at our Union location as soon as possible. Our experienced veterinarians and support staff are available from 7am – 11pm every day to help pets in need.

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