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Service Highlight – Medical Boarding

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All of us at Westfield Veterinary Group understand that certain life plans can be difficult when you have a furry family member that requires medical care on a daily basis. This is why we offer our existing pet patients and their families our medical boarding service.

Medical boarding is a fantastic option for your fur baby while you are away.  If your pet is in need of medical treatment, you can rest easy knowing your pet is being cared for by the loving, skilled, and experienced WVG veterinary team.

Pet patients that commonly use our medical boarding service include:

  • Diabetic pets that require daily insulin injections and monitoring
  • Pets that have seizure disorders
  • Any pet that requires regular medications or other specific veterinary care
  • Post-Op Orthopedic surgeries that require rest and rehabilitation

Our team of compassionate veterinarians and nurses will evaluate your pet daily and administer medications as needed.  Pet parents can rest assured that their furry friend will receive immediate veterinary attention if any complications arise while they are in our care.

How can you take advantage of this amazing service? It’s easy! We ask that you speak directly with your WVG veterinarian so we can schedule your fur baby’s stay as soon as possible.

When the times comes for them to stay with us, all we ask is that you provide their medications and any special diet they may have. We will handle the rest!

Please note that since our practice focuses on veterinary treatment and care, we do not offer general pet boarding.  

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