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How to Help Your Pet with the Battle of the Bulge

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Portion control – Food is love, and people want to make their pets happy. Very often, it is not the food that is causing the weight problem – it is all the additional treats between meals.

Diet dog food – Ask your veterinarian about a low-calorie food that is suitable for your pet. The latest keto or paleo plan for you does not automatically translate for your fur babies.

Exercise – In addition to taking more walks or playing more with your cat, a custom-tailored exercise program can be a huge benefit. At Westfield Veterinary Group, we have a rehabilitation department that can assist – and most pets look forward to their visits as we make it fun!

For more information on how to help your overweight pet, look to The Association for Pet Obesity.

All of us at Westfield Veterinary Group are happy to help you provide your pet with the greatest gift of all – excellent health.

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