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Service Highlight – Rehabilitation

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With the opening of our new practice in Union, we were able to make room for a bigger and more robust rehabilitation department. Designed with your pet in mind, the rehab suite includes rubber flooring and a wide range of equipment and treatment modalities.

What’s New in Our Rehabilitation Department?

The one piece of equipment that garners the most attention is the hydrotherapy tank, also called an underwater treadmill.  It is state-of-the-art, with double door entry for easy in and out access. The water is kept warm to help relax your pet’s sore muscles and calm them as they first learn how to use the treadmill. This modality is recommended for a wide array of issues:

  • Arthritic and post-op orthopedic patients – warm water eases their pain and the buoyancy of the water takes weight off sore and/or recovering joints.
  • Weight management – for our furry friends that need to lighten up, the underwater treadmill is ideal because it allows them to condition themselves slowly and comfortably. The water level can be adjusted to make walking easier at first, and then we slowly increase the challenge for them as they get stronger and more fit. (Even some cats love it too!)

Our patients enjoy their time at their own pet gym and spa. We keep it fun and help them progress at their own pace. No two pets are the same, so every rehab program is custom tailored to meet their needs. If you think your pet would benefit from some personalized therapy, please talk with one of our veterinarians.

For more information, you can read about the additional rehab services on our website. You can also view a short video of the underwater treadmill on our Facebook page.

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