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Holiday Gift Ideas for Our Pets

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You cannot let the holiday season go by without showing your furry best friend how much you love them. And that means a gift (or two!) just for them.

Here are a few gift ideas that will make for a very meowy Christmas!

  • Interactive toys such as puzzle balls, hide and seek toys, food maze toys, and robotic mice are not only fun, they provide much-needed mental stimulation for both cats and dogs.
  • What pup can turn down a new fetch toy? Balls, frisbees, launchers, and rings are a fool-proof way to bring holiday cheer and endless hours of fun and exercise to your canine companion.
  • Kitty cats love to scratch and stretch, so any scratching post or scratching lounger will allow your cat to have a purrfect holiday.
  • Stuffed toys and toy mice have been, and always will be, one of the most gifted items for dogs and cats. And with all of the cute designs available for pets of all ages and sizes, you cannot go wrong with this present.
  • No cat or dog can turn down holiday treats, especially cookies, bones, and biscuits made just for them in their favorite flavors.
  • If you cannot find the perfect gift for your pet, know that extra hugs and kisses are always #1 on their wish list.

A few items we do not recommend include rawhide and bones. These types of hard chew toys can break your dog’s teeth, injure their jaw, or break off into tiny pieces that can easily be swallowed, which can lead to an emergency room visit. Stick with the above toys and treats for a safe holiday present.

If you are in doubt about what toys or treats are safe for your pet, ask your veterinarian.

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