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We Really Love and Appreciate You

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When it comes to careers, the old adage says to find something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. That’s how we feel at Westfield Veterinary Group. We simply love animals and because you afford us the opportunity to help care for yours, we are doubly grateful.

In fact, being a part of the animal health and veterinary profession brings enormous joy in so many ways.

1. The first is obvious – the animals!

Each pet patient is special in his or her own unique way.

2. Westfield Veterinary Group is like a family

Everyone is here for the primary purpose to help animals and those who love them. Our common goal binds us together like a family.

3. Happy pet owners

Helping pets means helping their owners and supporting the human-animal bond. A pet has so many positive effects on us and just knowing we’ve contributed to someone’s wellbeing, well, feels great.

4. We’re constantly learning

When working with a group of scientists, which is what veterinarians are, there is a constant stream of knowledge imparted that we all share.

5. Every day is different

There is no such thing as a boring day at a veterinary hospital!

6. Sometimes the answers aren’t easy

Being faced with new challenges keeps us engaged and motivated. And when we do find a solution, satisfaction never felt so good.

7. We are part of the community

Providing a service like veterinary care gives us the opportunity to meet many in our community. It is through these interactions that we contribute and get back even more.

8. We get to wear scrubs

You probably didn’t think that was a benefit but frankly, not having to stress over what to wear every day is a benefit. Not to mention, saves on wardrobe costs.

There are so many more reasons why working in animal health is so fabulous. But mostly it’s because you give us a chance to make a difference in your life and that of your pet. We couldn’t be more proud and grateful to do what we do – and we thank you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Reminder – Fan Favorites Contest 

Whether you follow college or pro football, baseball, basketball or hockey, fall seems to include them all! Show us your pet supporting their favorite team. The one with the most likes will receive a free dose of flea/tick prevention. To enter the contest, you must tag Westfield Veterinary Group either on Facebook or Instagram with #WVGPets.

The winner to be announced on Monday, December 3, 2018.

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