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Thanksgiving Hazards – Keep Away From Your Pets

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Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to get together with family and friends and enjoy a delicious meal. However, several of our favorite holiday treats can be toxic and even life-threatening, if ingested by cats or dogs.

Keep the following trimmings away from your pets:

  • Rich, fatty foods (turkey skins, gravy, etc.,) can contribute to pancreatitis. Inflammation of the pancreas is painful and can be serious-requiring emergency veterinary intervention.
  • Cooked bones can splinter and cause tears or obstruction in a pet’s digestive tract.
  • Baking strings, if ingested, can be dangerous for your pet.
  • Onions in holiday stuffing can lead to canine anemia if consumed by your dog.
  • Grapes and raisins are toxic and can cause kidney failure in both cats and dogs.
  • Ingesting chocolate can cause seizures or kill your pet.
  • Caffeine and alcohol are also toxic for pets. So keep the cocktails and after dinner drinks away from Fido!

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